Re: 204 No Content for a resource which is known but has no representation yet?

You say that there will be something there in about a week. What about 
just waiting a week? Then your problem will go away :-). Another 
alternative might be to put something very simple there now (e.g. an 
empty document) and update that later. The empty document (or a 303 to 
an empty document) seems to express quite well what the system currently 
can say about this URI.

Regards,    Martin.

On 2010/03/14 9:38, Nathan wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can I use a 204 No Content to indicate that a resource is known but
> currently does not have a representation (or another resource which
> describes it)?
> example:
> I have a resource which is a conceptual map to "me"; I have assigned a
> URI to that resource, am in the process of creating a document which
> describes me, and when I am done I will 303 See Other to the document
> from the resource which is a conceptual map to "me".
> In the interim what status code can I use to say that the resource is
> known, does not have a representation of its own that can be transferred
> by the server over HTTP, another resource is not know that is
> descriptive of said resource&  the resource identifier is not to be used
> for anything else.
> I've fully checked through all status codes, including the 4xx's but
> can't find any to use, and 204 No Content seems to fit the best as far
> as I can tell.
> Many Thanks,
> Nathan

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