Re: 204 No Content for a resource which is known but has no representation yet?

On Mar 14, 2010, at 2:19 PM, Jonathan Rees wrote:

> Regarding Subbu's 202 suggestion, it's very clever, but both it and
> your 204 idea are incompatible with the httpRange-14 rule (endorsed by
> the LOD world, IIUC) which says "if an "http" resource responds to a
> GET request with a 2xx response, then the resource identified by that
> URI is an information resource".  [This is very badly expressed -
> what's meant is "if an HTTP server responds to a GET request" and so
> on - but not difficult to repair.]

My interpretation of Nathan's example is that the documentation creation starts in response to a write such as POST, in which 202 is valid. 202 on GET is goofy.


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