Review of third Last Call of Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies

Dear HTTPBis Working Group,

The W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group has been developing a
set of Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies (i.e. non
transparent HTTP proxies) to address some of the needs identified in
particular on mobile networks.

You had been invited to review the aspects of the document that relate
to HTTP a few months ago and some of you sent comments. The group has
carefully reviewed the comments and brought further substantive changes
to the document as a result. The group would now like to invite you to
review the document once again. A third Last Call Working Draft of the
guidelines was published today:

The Last Call review period extends until 11 March 2010.

If you plan to review the document but cannot commit to the requested
time frame, please let me know so that we can agree on a possible
extension of the review period.


Francois Daoust,
W3C Staff contact for the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group.

PS: the group's replies to the individual comments that were sent on the
previous last call have just been sent. Let me know if you expect a
reply and have not received one (some of the previous replies seem to
have been rejected as spam).

Received on Thursday, 11 February 2010 22:32:42 UTC