Re: Content Sniffing impact on HTTPbis - #155

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 1:18 AM, Adrien de Croy <> wrote:
> OK..This does raise the question of what does a server do.
> I don't know of any servers (in my relatively limited knowledge of servers)
> that doesn't just use the file extension to choose content type when
> serving.
> If the served type is supposed to be the authoritative reference, you get
> problems when a server has a smaller database of extension-to-type than the
> client.
> Otherwise you'd need to re-engineer servers so that content providers can
> manually specify content type when providing content.  That then means
> authors need to know about registered types etc.
> So I can't see this changing any time soon, no matter what we write into
> specs.

Servers are free to select the Content-Type header they send in any
way they choose.  The requirements w.r.t. not using the file extension
over HTTP are for user agents.


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