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Thanks, Mark.

I'd like to make sure that everybody is aware that these are past-LC 
changes, and they *are* significant; see 

    o  Allowed multiple spaces between relation types.
    o  Relaxed requirements for registered relations.
    o  Removed Defining New Link Serialisations appendix.
    o  Added Field registry.
    o  Added registry XML format.
    o  Changed registration procedure to use mailing list(s), giving the
       Designated Experts more responsibility for the smooth running of
       the registry.
    o  Loosened prohibition against media-specific relation types to
       SHOULD NOT.
    o  Disallowed registration of media-specific relation types (can
       still be used as extension types).
    o  Clarified that parsers are responsible for resolving relative
    o  Fixed ABNF for extended-initial-value.
    o  Fixed title* parameter quoting in example.
    o  Added notes for registered relations that lack a reference.
    o  Added hreflang parameter.
    o  Clarified status of 'rev'.
    o  Removed advice to use @profile in HTML4.
    o  Clarified what multiple *title and hreflang attributes mean.
    o  Disallowed multiple type, rel and title attributes.
    o  Removed text about absolute URI form of registered relations.
    o  Required registered relations to conform to sgml-name (now just
    o  Required registered relations to be lowercase.
    o  Made comparison of extension relations case insensitive.
    o  Clarified requirements on registered relation types regarding
       media types, etc.
    o  Allowed applications to ignore links with anchor parameters if
       they're concerned.
    o  Made 'rev' text a bit less confusing.
    o  Extension relation URIs SHOULD be all-lowercase.
    o  Added media parameter.
    o  Required applications to specifically call out use of anchor

Thus everybody who's interested in this specification should review 
these changes as soon as possible.

Best regards, Julian

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