Closing #90: multipart/byteranges

Haven't seen discussion on this for a while, seems like consensus is  
to drop multipart/byteranges as a delimiter. Any objection to that?

On 12/12/2008, at 4:17 AM, Jamie Lokier wrote:

> Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
>>> They aren't used that way.  I don't know of any implementation
>>> that uses the multipart delimiter to find the end of body (they
>>> use CL, chunked, or a closed connection).
>> Hmm.. you may be right. On a closer inspection I see that I misread  
>> some
>> of the data. Sorry for the confusion.
>> So it looks like dropping 4.4 4 entirely may be an option.
> If it's possible to drop support for multipart/byterange delimited
> messages, because it's not used anyway, that would be a really good
> thing imho.  It's an ugly, pointless, unused and probably poorly
> implemented complication in message parsers.
> -- Jamie

Mark Nottingham

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