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3.10 Language tags; Subtag; Pipe is the alternation token Christian Nybø (Friday, 24 June)

erratum in RFC 2616: 405 should not require an Allow field in response Roy T. Fielding (Thursday, 23 June)

This still the place for suggestions to rfc 2616? Christian Nybø (Tuesday, 21 June)

test2 Alex Rousskov (Sunday, 12 June)

test Alex Rousskov (Sunday, 12 June) is Cool i ahmed (Sunday, 12 June)

Erratum in RFC 2616 Brian Kell (Thursday, 2 June)

Final CFP : IEEE ICDM'05 ICDM (Thursday, 2 June)

Minor erratum in RFC 2616 Brian Kell (Monday, 23 May)

OPTIONS on a non-existent resource. Yves Lafon (Friday, 20 May)

Interpretation of Request-URI Definition Deschenes, David (Thursday, 19 May)

Final CFP : IEEE ICDM'05 ICDM (Thursday, 19 May)

Volk wird nur zum zahlen gebraucht! (Monday, 16 May)

Multi-Kulturell = Multi-Kriminell (Sunday, 15 May)

Linear whitespace Marc Schneider (Wednesday, 4 May)

Digest authentication: auth-int susceptible to DOS attacks? Sam Idicula (Monday, 2 May)

Get ready and Get Cruising! Cruise.Planning (Tuesday, 26 April)

Pipelining and Expect: 100-continue interaction Marc Schneider (Friday, 22 April)

Re: poe Mark Nottingham (Friday, 1 April)

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