Should server beable to say NoCookie, No Show?

It seems to me that there are many applications which will break (in the
sense of delivering confusing error messages, garbage, etc to the user) if
a cookie isn't accepted by the UA and returned with the request resulting
from a submit of the page which carried the set-cookie2.

Symetry would suggest that since we encourage/allow a UA to discard a
cookie under the user's discretion, we should have an optional attribute
which allows the server to stipulate one of the following:

  a.  Dont show the page if the user rejects the cookie
  b.  Warn the user that if the cookie isn't accepted, the application
      won't operate correctly (this is almost covered by the
      comment/commentURL but its a different of message I think. Like
      Windows allows a message box to be one of several types to reflect
      the content, the significance of the comment to the user would
      vary depending on the damage to the user's experience by
      rejecting the cookie.

Dave Morris

Received on Tuesday, 25 March 1997 01:03:51 UTC