Re: 8.12 TRACE and entity

> As I implement TRACE, I'm puzzled by this passage:
>                                           A TRACE request MUST NOT include an
>       entity body and MUST include a Content-Length header field with a value
>       of zero (0).
> Why must there be a Content-Length: 0 header?

Overkill on my part, leftover from the prior definition.  It would be
better as:

    A TRACE request MUST NOT include an entity.

> 1) Wouldn't the absence of a Content-Length header be equivalent?

Yes (combined with the absence of Transfer-Encoding) -- I found a bug
in the spec (Section 7.2) related to that earlier this week.
It is going to take some time to get all the proposed changes
written into something useful for Jim.

> 2) If a server does not find a Content-Length header in the
> request, is it obliged to return an error?


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