Re: 5.1.2 Request-URI

> Okay, I'll accept your arguments.  However, there is still a piece I feel
> is missing:
> 1) We want clients to send, and servers to accept, an absoluteURI.

No, we only want servers to accept an absoluteURI.  Clients can't
send it until 2.0.

> 2) Eventually we want to obviate the need for Host:.

Not in 1.x.  The stuff added to the third block of text in section 5.1.2
is wrong -- it needs to be removed.

> 3) The purpose of absoluteURI and/or Host is to specify the virtual host
> for (at least) an http_URL.

That is only one of many things that absoluteURI is used for in the
specification.  In fact, it is probably the least important of them.

> The reason I've been trying to restrict the absoluteURI syntax is that
> then it becomes easy to identify the virtual host.  I believe somewhere
> in the spec. there should be an explanation of how to identify the
> virtual host of "the resource identified by the request".

I believe Koen asked for such a section of text to be added to the
section on Requests.  However, that must not change the protocol syntax.

(and it ain't gunna write itself)


Received on Friday, 26 April 1996 17:14:08 UTC