Re: (ACCEPT*) Last call on draft text for Accept headers

Tim Greenwood:
>Koen Holtman wrote
>> I believe your proposal for simplification is based on a misreading of
>> the syntax definition of language tags.  The current rule needs to be
>> this complicated because there can be more than one subtag.
>> The matching rule currently defined will allow the range "i-sami" to
>> match the tag "i-sami-da".  Your proposed simplification will not
>> allow this.
>The proposal was intended not as a simplification, but as a 
>clarification. Your comment is correct, my proposal would have 
>excluded a match that should be allowed. The text in 10.4 should 
>still be rewritten to use the syntax defined in 3.10. The current 
>text uses the term 'a prefix' which is not defined. 

Ah, so _that_ is the problem.  I assumed that 'prefix' was standard
computing terminology, but apparantly it is not.  (Prefix means
"initial part of a string".)  I'll see if I can find an alternative

>It could be 
>interpreted to allow a match of a language range to any but the last 
>subtag of a language-tag. Thus 
>Accept-Language:cy     (Welsh)
>could match el-cy-x   (Greek in Cyprus with some other subtag).
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