Re: (ACCEPT*) Last call on draft text for Accept headers

Koen Holtman wrote

> I believe your proposal for simplification is based on a misreading of
> the syntax definition of language tags.  The current rule needs to be
> this complicated because there can be more than one subtag.
> The matching rule currently defined will allow the range "i-sami" to
> match the tag "i-sami-da".  Your proposed simplification will not
> allow this.

The proposal was intended not as a simplification, but as a 
clarification. Your comment is correct, my proposal would have 
excluded a match that should be allowed. The text in 10.4 should 
still be rewritten to use the syntax defined in 3.10. The current 
text uses the term 'a prefix' which is not defined. It could be 
interpreted to allow a match of a language range to any but the last 
subtag of a language-tag. Thus 

Accept-Language:cy     (Welsh)

could match el-cy-x   (Greek in Cyprus with some other subtag).

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Received on Friday, 5 April 1996 12:01:20 UTC