Re: (CONTENT NEGOTIATION,VARY) New draft text for Vary header and content negotiation `hooks'

> 10.u  URI
>    The URI entity-header field is used to inform the recipient of
>    other Uniform Resource Identifiers (Section 3.2) by which
>    the resource can be identified.
>        URI-header  = "URI" ":" 1#( uri-mirror | uri-name )
>        uri-mirror  = "{" "mirror" <"> URI <"> "}"
>        uri-name    = "{" "name" <"> URI <"> "}"
>    Any URI specified in this field can be absolute or relative to the
>    Request-URI. The "mirror" form of URI refers to a location which is a
>    mirror copy of the Request-URI. The "name" form refers to a
>    location-independent name corresponding to the Request-URI.
>    [##Note: According to the issues list, Roy is working on text that
>    explains better what "mirror" and "name" actually mean.##]

This field will be returned to its old definition.  In brief, that is

   The URI entity-header field may contain a list of Uniform Resource
   Identifiers (Section 3.2) which are considered equivalent to the
   Request-URI, but which may be mirror locations or location-independent
   names (URN) for the identified resource.

        URI-header  = "URI" ":" 1#( "<" URI ">" )

The details are actually more complex, but I'll get to that asap.

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