RE: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

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> Maybe it's time that Apps leaves
> the IETF and forms its own organization.

This has been discussed a number of times, and every time the answer that
comes back states that having meetings at the same time (i.e. at the same
IETF meetings) is a good thing. It has also been discussed whether the
various areas should be meeting at different dates, and the answer to that
questions has also been the same. Take for example the MMMS or iDNS BOF or
the IMPP effort which all depend on interest from more areas than APPS.

The problem we have in apps is that we have too many things on the table,
and you point that out in your mail. Too many things are "almost done" and
that take 100% of the energy we all have.

I hope that the ADs with help from wg's can clean the table substantially
this winter, but if things are not better at the winter -00 IETF, I am
happy to discuss this problem again.


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