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Dave Raggett writes:
 > In trying to write a first cut at a briefing package I am hoping
 > to establish a basic vision that allows for the clean composition
 > of each tag set, and a good story on accessibility and
 > internationalization. Any suggestions for this would be
 > very

Clean composibility of tagsets would go a long way in
enabling clean accessibility.

One of the reasons for the tag soup on the WWW is that we
gave the WWW a simple assembly language with a dozen or so
operators, and guess what, the people on the WWW wrote lots
of assembly language documents (er programs).

Sebastian (who originated this thread) and myself both come
from the TeX/LaTeX world, and the same thing happens there--
if people are allowed to write raw TeX the result is a set
of documents that are a complete abomination in terms of
structure-- and consequently disastrous for accessibility.
On the other hand, the TeX world --at least via systems like
LaTeX did come up with a semi-workable solution for reusable
and composible tagsets which is what restored a level of
sanity.  > much appreciated at this early stage.

In short I think building in the need for a good reusable
and repurposable design that also enables accessibility 
from the ground up is  realy worth shooting for in the
briefing package.
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