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Re: [Fwd: My future of HTML position paper]

From: <singer@almaden.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 18:29:53 -0700
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Sebastian Rahtz writes:

>one has to object to the statement
>  <h2>HTML 4.0 is Overwhelmingly Successful</h2>
>since HTML 4.0 was only released very recently, and it must be assumed
>that few people actually *use* it in all its glory. if David's "nasty,
>brutish and short" comes true, then 4.0 will be definitely

For "HTML 4.0", feel free to read "Classic HTML".  :-)
>but the interesting bit is
>  <li>Paragraphs
>  <li>Lists
>  <li>Sections
>  <li>Tables
>  <li>Images
>  <li>Forms
>as the logical units of HTML. I think this is well worth discussing in
>more detail.

This was a first-cut, written at the workshop (without an HTML composition
tool, by the way), to be used as a starting point.  I like your taxonomy:

>my suggestion would be
> - paragraph level markup, including lists
> - document structure (ie section headings, head, title)
> - tables
> - forms
> - image inclusion
> - linking
> - frames
> - scripts and objects
> - entities
as a way of enumerating separable, composable element sets.  And then I'd
expect MathML (for example) to be of equal stature as, say, forms, as would
any other composable element set.  I'm not sure I'd separate
paragraph-level markup from document structure in the end, and I would like
to see "linking" amplified to include "navigation" as some of the
discussion on the list has suggested, but this seems like a good way to
continue the discussion.

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