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     Something which could be seen as missing from HTML is formal 
     Navigation definition.
     Most web pages I visit have some sort of navigation 'toolbar' above, 
     below, and/or to the side of every page.
     This indicates that the navigation parts of a page are important to 
     the page and therefore are a candidate for some special HTML treatment 
     (a la that given to Tables and Lists).
     One option would be a <NAVIGATION> tag for defining the general 
     'toolbar' links and some "You are here" indication.
     Such a tag could be formatted via CSS and even integrated by the 
     Browser into its menu/toolbar system.
     David Richmond
     P.S. The previous mail about dropping HTML in favour of an XML based 
     system is rather radical and inappropriate. HTML should be fully 
     expressible in XML, and that should be an aim for future HTML/XML 
     versions, but 'dropping' HTML would not be acceptable to most people 
     especially given the current, and growing, installed base.

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: My future of HTML position paper]
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Date:    13/05/98 11:54

Dan Connolly writes:
 > Here's David Singer's proposal, discussed at the 
 > workshop.
one has to object to the statement
  <h2>HTML 4.0 is Overwhelmingly Successful</h2>
since HTML 4.0 was only released very recently, and it must be assumed 
that few people actually *use* it in all its glory. if David's "nasty, 
brutish and short" comes true, then 4.0 will be definitely 
but the interesting bit is
as the logical units of HTML. I think this is well worth discussing in 
more detail. my suggestion would be
 - paragraph level markup, including lists
 - document structure (ie section headings, head, title) 
 - tables
 - forms
 - image inclusion
 - linking 
 - frames
 - scripts and objects
 - entities
its important to break out links as a separate subject, IMHO

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