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RE: text-indent/last-line-end-indent and nested block-level FOs

From: Giannetti, Fabio <Fabio_Giannetti@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 10:55:55 +0100
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	form a render engine point of view you get something like:

The first line is empty because the block generate a line but the next
element inside the flow is a block. So it's clear for the override that the
first line of the nested block must not be indented. Then it will apply the
indenting for the line inside the parent block.


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Subject: RE: text-indent/last-line-end-indent and nested block-level FOs

[I got the reply I am replying to by private mail, but I think the
discussion belongs to the list a little more...]

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> Subject: RE: text-indent/last-line-end-indent and nested 
> block-level FOs
> 	the specs says: "first box that flows into the block's 
> first line
> box".
> Now in your example the first box is the box created by the 
> nested block,
> and in accordance with the inheritance you get the "I'm 
> nested." indented of
> 3cm.
> If you specify something like:
> <fo:block text-indent="3cm">
> 	<fo:block text-indent="0cm">I'm nested.</fo:block>
> 	I am not nested.
> </fo:block>
> This time the override of the property text-indent keep the 
> indentation to
> 0cm for the nested block, but because is also the first box 
> you loose the
> indentation for the parent block.

I'm not sure I understand/aggree here. It's clear that the first area from
the outermost block is from the nested block, but is that area really flowed
into a line area? Aren't block-level areas from the children of a block fo
just put into the resulting block-level area of the parent blocks?

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