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Re: text-indent/last-line-end-indent and nested block-level FOs

From: Arved Sandstrom <asandstrom@accesscable.net>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 07:04:41 -0300
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To: "Nilsson, Peter" <pni@sorman.se>, <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
Hi, Peter

You actually pose a very good question - what _is_ the "first" line area?

I guess it comes down to an interpretation of what is meant by "first line
area in a block area". In your example, we have the containing block 'a'
generating block-area A, say, and the nested block 'b' right at the start
generates block-area B, which is a leading child of A. My inclination is to
say that the first line area of A is the first line area generated by text
or fo:character content contained within 'a' but not in 'b'. And the first
line area of B is the first line area generated by text content contained
within 'b'.

So I lean towards the interpretation in this case that we have _two_ "first"
line-areas in this case, albeit only one for each block area in question.

I could also be completely flat-out wrong, but I don't think the spec
precludes my interpretation in a non-ambiguous way. A lot depends on what is
meant by "in". If "in" means ownership as opposed to geometric placement,
then since no line-areas in B are generated by 'a', my view would be

I'll be interested in seeing other feedback. Well, I saw Fabio's, but my
opinion differs from his. :-) But maybe he's right.

Arved Sandstrom

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From: "Nilsson, Peter" <pni@sorman.se>
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Subject: RE: text-indent/last-line-end-indent and nested block-level FOs

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> > Subject: Re: text-indent/last-line-end-indent and nested
> > block-level FOs
> >
> >
> > These are both inherited properties; your nested block in the
> > example will
> > have the same 'text-indent' or 'last-line-end-indent' applied
> > as the first
> > line-area of the containing block; i.e. you will see 2
> > indents corresponding
> > to each.
> >
> Helo,
> this wasn't really the point of my question (sorry for me being unclear).
> should have stated that I was refering to the properites after refinement
> (i.e. inheritance resolution).
> So, the real question is rather which is the first (last) line area of a
> block. Is it the first (last) area from the block, or does it include
> descendants? And what happens if other block-level areas precede (follow)
> the first line area from the block itself?
> Let me refine my example:
> > > <block text-indent="3cm">
> > >   <block text-indent="0cm">I'm nested.</block>
> > >   I am not nested.
> > > </block>
> > >
> Note the specification of text-indent on the nested block.
> Regards,
> //Peter
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