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Validating SSL protected web-pages

From: Ivana Belgers-van Overmeeren <ivana.belgers@surfnet.nl>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 03:07:03 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <3A8B8E19.57DD18CA@surfnet.nl>
To: www-validator@w3.org

I wanted to test my web-pages that are SSL protected, but I noticed that
only http:// URLs are supported by the http://validator.w3.org/. I could
use the 'upload' feature, but then it wouldn't consider the SSI that I
use in my pages.

Is there any way of testing my SSI pages with the validator tools?

The URL is https://intern.surfnet.nl/ and can only be accessed with a
correct Certificate.

Ivana Belgers
SURFnet bv
Received on Sunday, 18 February 2001 05:52:27 UTC

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