Composite DTD

Peter Flynn (
04 Oct 1996 15:59:25 +0100

Date: 04 Oct 1996 15:59:25 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Composite DTD
Message-id: <>

I have nearly got the composite DTD working but I need another day or
two (ie the weekend) having lost some time during the week to

I have relented and included carefully crafted cruft like PLAINTEXT,
XMP, LISTING etc so that they can be used as examples  of how not to
:-) (wouldn't it be nice if you could attach messages in classes to
elements so that they pop up in editors, browsers etc, when the element
is used/read/selected?)

I have moved the parameter entities for content models around a bit,
because I used Near&Far to do the editing. The result is that the
regenerated DTD code is not easy to read for human eyes: it's intended
to be used in a conformant system, not read as literature (pace, Knuth:
gimme S-Web :-)

I'll ship Sunday night or Monday morning. Package to include SGML
Declaration, DTD, ISO character entity files (lat, pub, tech, and num),
documentation as an instance file, and PostScript output both of the
doc and the N&F visual display.

I was going to include the sgmls output from parsing the instance as
a proof-of-purchase, but the sgmls -s output from a valid instance is
the null file :-)