Re: Composite DTD

Peter Flynn (
07 Oct 1996 09:27:18 +0100

Date: 07 Oct 1996 09:27:18 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: Composite DTD
Message-id: <>

>     <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//PFlynn//DTD HTML 3.X Composite//EN">
>                               ^^^^^^
> or some such thing. OwnerID should be a string that Peter owns or has
> authority to publish under, maybe something for University College, Cork if
> his employer permits it and establishes a unique ownerID for his use.
> "Registration" doesn't really exist in this context, but you should have
> authority under the OwnerID to publish, so it'd be inappropriate for Peter
> to use "IETF" or "W3C" without permission.

If the 9070 registration is accepted by the GCA, it'll be "Silmaril"

> And no jibe at Peter, but I don't think the "Ultimate Consensus Composite
> DTD" is really gonna fly as a name...  :-)

As it happens to be the initials of this computer center (UCC :-) it
would be nice to think they'd support it, but I'm afraid my work for
the HTML community doesn't get any university support.

I picked HTML Pro, as everything else seems to come in Pro and 
(implicitly) Amateur variants these days :-) But seriously,. because it's
aimed at those who need to produce robust and valid HTML for a living.