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8/16 Meeting Minutes

From: Loretta Guarino Reid <lguarino@adobe.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 23:07:07 -0700
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Cynthia Shelly
Wendy Chisolm
Gregg Vanderheiden
Jason White
Jo Miller
Loretta Guarino Reid
Matt May
Charles Munat
Katie Haritos-Shea
Tim Lacy

Change log:
Any concerns with items listed in the change log: (none)

New comments:

Will keep the use of "individual"

CM: Why are we including accessibility advocacy in the spec?
CS: Lots of people reading the spec have no background in accessibility. 
Examples let these people understand what they are trying to do.
WC: Lesson we've learned is that a larger audience than we expected are
using these documents. 
CM: Find some of this condescending; they are "kindergarten level". 
But this makes it feel like selling. Also, they are phrased in a way
that makes assumptions about the reader, that he is not disabled.
*GV: We need to fix such assumptions about the audience where they occur.
CS: We need to be sure we are addressing the audience of webmasters who 
know nothing about disability.
CM: Shouldn't be teachy or preachy.

*Action Item: Charles Munat to produce an alternate introduction, and
send it to editors today.

*GV: fix ":" vs "," (from Jo's list)

*GV: fix missing word
*GV: Spell out "4"
*GV: standardize on punctuation
*GV: "usably vs usable"

Editorial changes: will wait until later

Example of some function that can't be described in text? 
*Note this as an issue, in the success criteria

*Change "the" to "a" in play example.

Significant subjective? postpone for later discussion

*Fix success criterion for 1.5, which sounds like the structure is in 
the style sheet

3.3 "Simplest and clearest..." - we've discussed this so much already, we don't
plan to change it again before we post.
CS: Joe Clark's last suggestion is an improvement. 
GV:New version: "Write as clearly and simply as is appropriate for the 
site's content." (any objections to removing "possible and")
CS: Run it by Kynn
CM: Joe Clark has been an advocate for "possible"
*GV: Post this to the web; for TR, either leave this checkpoint as is, 
or remove "possible". If no objections before Monday, we'll remove it.

*3.4 benefits contains a caution. This should be a note. Add the word 
"Note" in front of it.

2.4 rewording can wait until after posting.

Is "attractive" appropriate in the first sentence? Perhaps this needs more
discussion in a separate sentence. Emphasize that attractiveness and 
accessibility are not mutually exclusive.
*Charles Munat will include this change in his rewrite.

CS: There is lots of confusion about the word "default". can we add a 
short explanation?
JW: It doesn't seem to make much difference which interpretation you use.
The effect seems to be the same.
CS: I interpret default to mean don't change the settings. Perhaps this
really means "base" settings. This is why it seems important to define it.
JW: THe default presentation of the markup. 
*CS: Write a definition for "default" in this context. Solicit suggestions
from reviewers.

*4.4, Example 2, replace "with or without ..." with "etc"
*4.4, Example 4, "provide" -> "provides"
*4.4, Example 3: unclear example, to be removed

Pointer to limitation section of Paul's document, which is confusing. 
Wendy could put the paragraph at the end of the document.
* Note that this is in the issues list. Remove reference in this draft.

Future meeting plans: do we want a slot at the Plenary Meeting in France in 
February? or do we want to meet at CSUN in March? status of Australia meeting
is unclear. (Wendy will definitely be going!)
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