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RE: guideline 7.1 about screen flickering (fwd)

From: gregory j. rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 14:08:30 -0400
To: <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
Cc: <wai-xtech@w3.org>
aloha, y'all!

i know i should be working on my outstanding action items, but something's
been bugging me since listening to gregg's response to my posting of the
image's URI and the ensuing discussion of it -- what the hell does it
depict/convey?  what exactly is animated?  how is it animated?  what is the
point of the animation?  does it contain any text, or is it purely iconic?

so, while i'm quite happy that a lot of us have been conscientiously
discussing a graphic at the behest of a poster to WAI-IG, i am quite
troubled that no one's taken the time or effort to describe the graphic,
other than to say that:

   a) it is a graphic;
   b) it will serve as a hyperlink;
   c) the poster was concerned that the animation in the
      image might constitute flickering;
   d) as an icon, it is somewhat confusing (only anne
      seemed to dissent from this opinion);
   e) it has something to do with radar and it is
      animated (extrapolation from the file name,
      radar.anim2) -- could it be a radar image, such as a
      weather map, or could it be a radar monitoring screen?

moreover, i haven't (at least so far) received the impression that anyone
who's commented on it really knows at what it is supposed to point, all of
which is very puzzling and almost as frustrating...  so, i'm appealing to my
fellow working group members -- could someone please provide a LONGDESC
(long description) of the graphic being discussed?

actually, could everyone who's commented upon the graphic provide a
LONGDESC -- no, hold on a minute -- i'm curious enough to know how each of
you perceive the graphic and what information you derive from it to put
together an attachment that is a prototype for a long-standing project of

as simply put as i can muster, the project is this:

1. i get a digital camera and take it with me wherever i go

2. i have people take pictures of places, objects, and people that i
encounter -- especially those things that "you've got to see" or which leave
the sighted observer (at least at first encounter) at a loss for words...

3. i then post the images to the web, each on an individual page, with a
simple, 2-field form:

   the first field is a simple "text" INPUT field,
   limited to 50 characters, although i've toyed
   with the idea of limiting it to as few as 25
   characters or as many as 75 -- what do people

   the second field is a free-form TEXTAREA in
   which a description as long and as detailed as
   the visitor deems necessary to adequately convey
   the "content" contained in the image can be

4. once you fill out the form, you're rewarded by
   being able to discern how others described the
   image you just described

so, who's gonna play in my sandbox?  consult the attached to get sand in
your shoes...  i suppose i'll compile the results and archive that in the GL
mail archive as well -- on second thought, i think i'll just have the output
output straight to wai-xtech...

PS: in the interim between composing this and resuming composition this
morning, i've been able to glean a few more tidbits of information about the
graphic, mostly from the thread on IG, but no true description has yet (as i
write this and to my knowledge) yet been offered...
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