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RE: Mobile phone capabilities list?

From: Rotan Hanrahan <Rotan.Hanrahan@MobileAware.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 09:17:12 +0100
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The issue of discovering where such information can be found, how it is accessed, represented, managed etc is part of the charter of the MWI Device Description Working Group [1]. Hopefully when the group completes its work there will be better clarity in this area.
--- Rotan. (Chair, DDWG)
[1]  <http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/DDWG/> http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/DDWG/ 
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Subject: RE: Mobile phone capabilities list?

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Subject: Mobile phone capabilities list?

In order to develop an interface to send MMS from a Website galery, I'm wondering if a list of the capabilities of the most used portable phones does exist?
In particular, I would like to be able to know the display resolution (ex. 140x140 pixels) for every device.
Does someone know if such a list exists (XML or another format)?
Thank you in advance for your suggestions and help.

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