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The definition of a "Baseline-Controlled Collection"

From: Peter Raymond <Peter.Raymond@merant.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:28:32 +0100
Message-ID: <20CF1CE11441D411919C0008C7C5A13B2CA653@stalmail.eu.merant.com>
To: ietf-dav-versioning@w3.org

Section 10.2 of the specification defines a "Baseline-Controlled Collection"
as follows:

A "baseline-controlled collection" is a collection from which baselines can
be created.

But section 12 says:

A collection that is under baseline control is called a "baseline-controlled

They can't both be right, is a BCC a resource from which a Baseline CAN be
or is it a resource from which a Baseline HAS BEEN created?

The definition in Section 10.2 seems wrong, I don't think you create a
Baseline from a
collection, you create it by checking-in a version-controlled configuration,
itself was created by placing a collection under BASELINE-CONTROL.

Infact, am I right in thinking that a "Baseline-Controlled Collection" is
simply a
collection which has a DAV:version-controlled-configuration property?

I am trying to get my head around what steps are needed to create a new
populated with the contents of a collection, for example:

There is a Version-Controlled Collection /build/src/

My client issues a BASELINE-CONTROL on that Version-Controlled Collection
	At this point a new "Version-Controlled Configuration" is created
	The original collection gets a DAV:version-controlled-configuration
property set to the newly created resource
	The Version-Controlled Configuration gets a
DAV:baseline-controlled-collection property set to the original collection
	A new Baseline History resource is created
	A new Baseline version is created (the "root baseline")
	The DAV:checked-in property of the Version-Controlled Configuration
is set to the "root baseline"
            A new collection with no members is created
	The "root baseline" has a DAV:baseline-collection pointing to the
above empty collection	

So at this point I have a "empty" baseline, how do I populate it with the
checked-in versions of resources
from the original collection?

I guess I check-out the version-controlled configuration that was created by
just check it in again???

This is not clear in section 12, perhaps an example or diagram of creating a
new baseline might help in this 
section....something like this:

               |Version    |
  +------------|Controlled |<--+
  |            |Collection |   |
  |            +-----------+   |
  |                            |DAV:b-c-collection
  |DAV:v-c-configuration       | 
  |                            |
  |  +-------------+           |
  +->|Version      |-----------+
     |Controlled   |  
     +-------------+  |
       DAV:checked-in |  +---------+
                      |  |Baseline |
                      |  |History  |
                      |  |         |
                      |  | +---+   |                   +-------------+
                      +--->|V1 |   | DAV:b-collection  |Collection   |
                         | |   |---------------------->|with bindings|
                         | +---+   |                   |to resources |
                         +---------+                   |from the     |
                                                       |original     |
                                                       |collection.  |
Am I on the right track?

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