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Re: The definition of a "Baseline-Controlled Collection"

From: <Edgar@EdgarSchwarz.de>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:33:17 -0400
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Here my understanding of this stuff:
A configuration is a set of resources located at a root collection.
A baseline is a version of a configuration.

Peter Raymond <Peter.Raymond@merant.com> wrote:  
> Section 10.2 of the specification defines a "Baseline-Controlled Collection"
> as follows:
> A "baseline-controlled collection" is a collection from which baselines can be created.
A "baseline-controlled collection" is a collection which is a container for a configuration
and therefore you can create baselines (configuration versions) IN it.
The statement in the draft isn't that clear I guess.

> But section 12 says:
> A collection that is under baseline control is called a "baseline-controlled
> collection".
Doesn't give that much information I think. Just defining a synonym.

> There is a Version-Controlled Collection /build/src/
You can also start without a Version-Controlled Collection. Baseline-Controlled
Collections also work without Version-Controlled Collections.

> Infact, am I right in thinking that a "Baseline-Controlled Collection" is simply a
> collection which has a DAV:version-controlled-configuration property?
And probably the additional condition that the version-controlled-configuration's
DAV:baseline-controlled-collection is just this collection itself like you show in
you ASCII art. There I would propose to change the caption of your first box to
'Baseline Controlled Collection'. But I can see why you choose the name.

> So at this point I have a "empty" baseline, how do I populate it with the
> checked-in versions of resources from the original collection?
> I guess I check-out the version-controlled configuration that was created by
> the BASELINE-CONTROL and just check it in again ???
Just do it like that. OTOH I think it would be intuitive to say that if there are
already checked-in version-controlled resources in a collection you put under
baseline control just take these for the initial version.

[ ASCII art]

> Am I on the right track?
IMHO, yes.

Another thing I just noticed: A BASELINE-CONTROL precondition is
DAV:must-have-no-version-controlled-members. The description then states that the
request URL 'MUST have no members'. Wanted restriction or should it read
'MUST have no version controlled members' ?

Cheers, Edgar

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