Differing interpretations of whitespace collapsing

Good morning!

Two vendors produce different results for the following test:

<flow flow-name="frame-body" font-family="Times" font-size="20pt">

   <block>x x x x</block>
   <block>x <basic-link external-destination="url('test')">
   x</basic-link> x x</block>


One vendor collapses the spaces in the second block such that all the "x"s 
line up vertically.  Another vendor preserves two spaces between the first 
two "x"s of the second block, thus the "x"s do not line up vertically.

I desire what the first vendor does: collapse the whitespace such that the 
"x"s line up ... but I cannot find text in the spec to defend that position 
to the second vendor.

I distilled this from my training material where I have in my XML:

   <text>And for details see: <ref idref="x"/> for more information
   Title <m>with embedded</m> here</x>

Note how I use a single space around each side of the <ref/>.  I want the 
leading linefeed of the title to be tossed, but I cannot use XSLT's 
normalize-space() on the text node as that would abut the words "Title" and 

According to the spec, should the "x"s line up vertically in my test above?

Thanks for your help!

................. Ken

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