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typo in 2.6.1 John F. Whitehead (Friday, 19 March)

_F_E_E_D_ Streetsound (Monday, 15 March)

XSL to PDF Just van den Broecke (Saturday, 6 March)

margin-before and margin-after Elliotte Rusty Harold (Wednesday, 3 March)

wrap-option Elliotte Rusty Harold (Tuesday, 2 March)

expand-tabs Elliotte Rusty Harold (Tuesday, 2 March)

3.6.23 font list Elliotte Rusty Harold (Tuesday, 2 March)

typo in xsl spec Mark D. Anderson (Monday, 1 March)

Comment regarding xsl:attribute John Keinanen (Thursday, 25 February)

comments on the Dec. 16, 1998 XSL specification GignacDA@nswccd.navy.mil (Thursday, 18 February)

`nth-of-type()' TAMURA Kent (Thursday, 18 February)

no FO language in XSL? Chris Lilley (Sunday, 14 February)

Formatting Objects and page-breaks Bovone Stefano (Monday, 8 February)

moved page- urgent clarification needed Renaud Bruyeron (Monday, 1 February)

XSL - Working Group - request for membership Mike Dierken (Monday, 1 February)

Maximize your website's traffic! janet9981@yahoo.com (Monday, 1 February)

XSL 1.0 and sorting Christophe PIERRET (Friday, 29 January)

2.5.2 Built-in Template Rules G. Ken Holman (Wednesday, 20 January)

minor typos in WD-xsl-19981216 Susan Lesch (Monday, 18 January)

Unnecessary issue Steve Dahl (Wednesday, 13 January)

Issue (regex) Christian Wetzel (Tuesday, 12 January)

xsl examples leomalk@iname.com (Monday, 11 January)

[xsl-editors] <none> Stefan Ahlgren (Monday, 11 January)

Formatting Objects namespace URL Stefan Ahlgren (Monday, 11 January)

XSL acronym ambiguity Robin Cover (Wednesday, 6 January)

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