Re: PipX, a portable library of XProc pipelines and steps

On 20 February 2014 15:51, Romain Deltour wrote:

> Had you listen to me instead of drinking your beer... I told you in Prague :P

  I did both, and we discussed so many things and had so many beers :-)

> You can have a look at some examples there:

  Thank you, I'll give it a try later.

> There's XProcDoc:

  Thank you.  I gave it a try and it fulfil the purpose, I think:

> But for a new project I would consider using something based on lightweight markup (AsciiDoc, Markdown), which is far easier to write for documentation than any HTML or custom XML.

  Interesting approach.  That being said: 1) I would rather use
something available in a first time, in order to get things started
quick, and 2) I like the idea of having a more lightweight language to
write text, but such approaches might prove themselves limited at some
point, where having HTML is usually a good candidate.

  Maybe we can adapt XProcDoc to process DocBook or Markdown at some
point (instead of copying HTML content of p:documentation, there would
be an extra transformation step here).  The layout could be improved
as well :-)

  I would rather keep that for a phase 2, but of course, if anyone
wants to work on that, they are more than welcome :-)


Florent Georges

Received on Thursday, 20 February 2014 15:31:46 UTC