Re: PipX, a portable library of XProc pipelines and steps

On 20 February 2014 15:49, Geert J. wrote:

> I was also looking at the XProc Unit Test Suite from w3c itself, though it
> doesn't come with code to actually run it..

  Yes, that is an important point.  And the XProc Unit Test is not
exactly aimed at the same target (it is more to test implementations
than step libraries).

> About documentation, I was about to look into xprocdoc, which comes with
> Calumet. Not as good looking as xprocbook (see under ndw at github), but
> is generates interfaces automatically, and you can add any xhtml in
> p:documentation as far as I see..

  I've just given it a try, and it works almost out of the box:  Probably good enough as a start I guess, could
always be improved later.


Florent Georges

Received on Thursday, 20 February 2014 15:24:20 UTC