Re: How to add more transports/protocols to XProc?

"In some situations it doesn’t matter, but you typically want to prevent the
XProc processor from “randomly” deciding the execution order of the steps in
the pipeline."


What is the benefit to allow XProc processor to randomly decide the
execution order of the steps and when does that happen in practice?

I read previously which
states in a section that "But if you look at the store and exec steps in the
preceding pipeline, you'll see that there are no connections between them.
Effectively, we have a pipeline with two independent sub-pipelines. ... As a
result, there's no dependency between the store and exec steps. The pipeline
processor can execute them in any order, even in parallel. But the correct
result requires that the p:store step be executed before p:exec."

I wonder why one wouldn't generally want the steps to execute one after the
other unless specified otherwise in someway by the script to for example
execute in parallel or to execute and not wait?


Received on Monday, 14 March 2011 16:20:24 UTC