Re: p:xquery in Calabash via XQJ?

Cornelia Davis <> writes:
> The documentation page for Calabash ( lists
> the following prerequisite:
> "The XQuery API for Java (XQJ) if you want to use p:xquery"
> In reading through the source, though, it looks like the implementation
> of the XQuery step is using the s9api from saxon.  Digging into the
> s9api I still don't see evidence that it is using XQJ under the covers.
> So, a couple of things in specific:
> * Is Calabash indeed using XQJ for p:xquery?

I thought the XQJ libraries were needed by Saxon, but perhaps that's
no longer true. Perhaps it was never true, and I was just confused.

> * If so, how can I point it to an XQJ implementation other than Saxon?

There's no straightforward way to do that because the data models are
all Saxon XdmNodes. The Validate step has the skeleton of a very crude
attempt to use Xerces instead of Saxon if you don't have a license for
Saxon schema validation.

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