Re: exproc implemented extensions


Among these extensions would count some extensions I made for xprocxq? Jim Fuller knows about them and told me that he will think about a standardized way of including such extensions into xprocxq, but they are now working very nice for me just by writing them into  two files of xprocxq that are dedicated to extensions.

 Claudius Teodorescu

From: Dave Pawson <>
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Sent: Fri, April 23, 2010 10:23:24 AM
Subject: exproc implemented extensions

On 22 April 2010 18:58, Florent Georges <> wrote:
> On 22 April 2010 15:54, Dave Pawson wrote:
>> Especially when I can read which processors implement which
>> extensions on <grin/>
>  Maybe a good candidate for, Dave?

If implementors would kindly fill in the table,
indicating which extensions are implemented.


Dave Pawson
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