RE: [closed] Re: re p:filter-002

> Actually, I don't think the words in 5.1 allowed it even in the
> p:input case. That's clearly an editorial oversight. I fixed the
> problem this way:
>   It is a dynamic error (err:XD0016) if the select expression on a
>   p:input returns atomic values or anything other than element or
>   document nodes (or an empty sequence).

Why is producing an empty sequence a problem here? How is it different
from having a "sequence" input port that gets no documents? To me:

  <p:input port="source" select="i-do-not-exist">...</p:input>


  <p:input port="source"<p:empty/></p:input>

are the same and should both work.


Received on Friday, 18 December 2009 07:55:13 UTC