[ann] oXygen XML editor 11.1 improves the XProc support


A new version of oXygen XML Editor is available from our website

The XProc support we introduced in oXygen XML Editor version 11.0 was 
improved in version 11.1 as follows:

* Enhanced XProc Scenarios

The XProc transformation scenarios allow now to set options and 
parameters (global or for each port).

* Dynamic XProc Content Completion

The content completion offers the available option names of the built-in 
steps. When entering a port reference it presents the available port names.

* Better Error Reporting with Calabash

<oXygen/> XML Editor collects the messages Calabash writes to the 
standard error and presents them to the user. These provide important 
information related to the already reported errors, for example the user 
can find the reasons a stylesheet compilation failed.

For the complete list of new features and details please see

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George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

Received on Thursday, 17 December 2009 18:10:48 UTC