p:xslt step contains doc() and doc-available() with variable uri's


I would like to integrate more xslt into my pipeline and I'm looking
for examples and/or advice. This time the xslt has a variable number
of doc() (and/or doc-available()) functions with program generated
uri's depending on the input.

If I understood it correctly, those "secondary" input documents should
appear on the primary p:input port="source" _after_ the primary input
document. But I don't know yet, how to associate a given uri with a
specific member from the primary input port sequence. Also, what do
you recommend to load this sequence?

As there might be more than one solution to this, I should add that I
can adapt not only the xslt but also the input documents and theire
uri's to get the best possible solution. However, after having made
those adaptions, it should still be possible to execute the same xslt
in "stand-alone" mode for testing purposes.



Received on Saturday, 26 December 2009 20:15:25 UTC