Re: possible bug in p:iteration select

Jeni Tennison <> writes:

> If you had a known URI, you'd do:
>   <p:load>
>     <p:option name="href" select="'/path/to/file.xml'" />
>   </p:load>
> Note the single quotes around the URI. That's because the select
> attribute on <p:option> is evaluated as an XPath expression to give
> the URI. So you have to use single quotes to indicate it's a string.

Or use the shortcut flavor:

  <p:load href="/path/to/file.xml" />

which (confusing or not) *doesn't* require the double quotes because
shortcut options are always just strings, not XPath expressions that
need to be evaluated.

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Received on Tuesday, 30 September 2008 20:23:31 UTC