Re: using p:variable

2008/12/19 Norman Walsh <>:
> "Dave Pawson" <> writes:
>> Just note how long winded it is to do such a simple thing Norm?
>> I'm less sure how clear the use case is for it though.
> I guess it's a little bit long-winded, but you only have to do it once
> and stick it in a library and then it's as simple as
>  <ex:set-value .../>
> The WG has tried to avoid introducing new steps when their behavior
> can be easily fabricated with existing steps. Not that I'll claim that
> was a hard-and-fast rule.

IMHO I don't think it's worked this time.

<p:value-of select='xpath'/>

is usable, library based or not, the current solution
is very messy.


Dave Pawson
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