Re: p:pipeinfo

"Dave Pawson" <> writes:

> Being implementation dependent, are there any examples of this yet?


I almost created one but then decided that what I really wanted was a
set of pipeline options.

> 3.7 is a bit vague, just looking for examples please.

Here's a hypothetical example:

<p:pipeline ...>

    <cc:xproc-config xmlns:cc="">
      <cc:entity-resolver class-name="org.xmlresolver.Resolver"/> 
      <cc:uri-resolver class-name="org.xmlresolver.Resolver"/>
   <cx:catalog href="/path/t/catalog.xml"/>



Calabash could look for configuration options or catalog pointers
inside a p:pipeinfo.

But it doesn't today and I'm not strongly motivated to work on 
that :-)

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