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Re: using entities from dtd in schema

From: G. Ken Holman <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:48:48 -0500
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To: xmlschema-dev@w3.org

At 2008-02-26 20:35 +0100, Andreas Peter wrote:
>my problem is that I have a DTD including lots of entities for greek
>characters, special characters and so on.

Those are used for resolving the text content of 
the references made in your XML document.

>I need them in my schema.

A schema is used for defining the model of your document.

The two purposes are different.

>Ive read that every entity must be written under schema as a separate

I don't know what you mean by that ... entities 
and elements are different things.

>Is it possible, although DTDs are not xml syntax, to
>reference from a schema to the DTD entities?

What is it you are trying to do with that reference?

>I tried to convert some
>entities to schema using oxygenxml dtd => schema but the entities get
>lost, as expected. Is there a suitable solution under schema?

Solution to what?

>Thanks for helping me,

Help us answer you ... at least I for one don't know what you are asking.

An document isn't an XML instance if there are no 
declarations for entities that are being used, 
because then the document isn't well-formed.

W3C Schema validates well-formed documents.

W3C Schema was defined long after XML was 
defined, so it isn't possible to somehow express 
entity declarations in W3C Schema in a way that a 
well-formedness check of the document will find the document to be XML.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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