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ANNOUNCE: New CCTS/UBL Data Modeling and Schema Generation Software

From: Sylvia Webb <swebb@gefeg.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 11:24:48 -0800
To: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
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The scalable product line GEFEG EDIFIXR supports all processes involved in
the preparation of electronic business applications: designing
syntax-neutral data models and mapping them to syntactical data structures;
using traditional EDI or XML based standards (UBL, UN/CEFACT, EDIFACT, X12,
OAGIS, RosettaNet); designing proprietary data interfaces (in-house and
flat-file formats); creating standard specifications and describing them in
guidelines; deriving compatible XML schemata from existing traditional EDI
guidelines; generating test data; syntactic and semantic testing; and
visualizing transactions in traditional EDI or XML format.

The XML-UML EDIFIX is targeted for users who design professional business
messages with data modeling technology and as the next step represent and
further edit these data models in XML schemas. 

Free XML Reader reference tools and full evaluation versions of EDIFIX are
available from: www.gefeg.com.


Data modeling 

..        Support for UN/CEFACT CCTS.  This includes UBL models as well

..        Support for UML modeling

..        Support for XMI import


The GEFEG EDIFIX CCTS Module supports Core Components as of ISO TS 15000-5
(Core Component Technical Specification - CCTS 2.01). 

Support means to:

-         develop and to reuse UN/CEFACT ISO-compliant Core Components,

-         store and to document them,

-         have access to functions for the proper maintenance and

-         read and to produce TBG17 formatted spreadsheets,

-         produce human readable documentations in HTML and RTF format,

-         generate XML Schemas both as of the OASIS/UBL and the CEFACT/ATG2
NDRs and

-         Produce UML Class Diagrams in the XMI format.


The CCTS Module stores ISO-compliant Core Components in Data Models.
Special features of this Module relating to the development of CCTS Data
Models are:

-         Data Models can be subdivided into sub-models, the so-called

-         Data Models can include other Data Models, which allows the reuse
of CCTS Data Models produced by others.


Features available in the UML and CCTS modeling modules include:

..       Object-oriented modeling approach, compliant to UML 

..       Relational and hierarchic modeling are supported

..       Easy-to-use explorer-like development environment

..       Representation in UML class diagrams

..       Import of external data models supports the build of modular model

..       Notes Editor for additional custom notes and annotations

o     Context specific comments possible for each reference of an element!

o     Notes on both the definition and the application level

o     Inheritance rules also applicable for notes

o     Multilingual annotation supported

..       Integration of existing code lists from traditional EDI standards,
for example              	  country codes

..       Integration of user-defined code lists 

..       Export data model into an XML schema


Schema Generation

..        Ability to create UBL schema from a data model using built in UBL

..        Ability to create UN/CEFACT ATG schema from a data model using ATG

..        Ability to create enterprise specific messages based on the UBL
library content.


Features available in the schema and standards Editor include:

..       Schema development tool compliant to W3C Recommendation rules for

..       Easy-to-use explorer-like development environment

..       Unique, functional schema-browser

..       Design a custom XSD schema which contains the restrictions /
specifications of a 	  user or a user group, like an industry
organization's specification of a specific 	  XML dialect

..       Support of modular schema structure by "Include, or Import

..       XML standards like ebXML, IFX, OAGIS, PIDX, RosettaNet, xCBL, UBL,
etc are 	  delivered as available 

..       Describe custom extensions and / or restrictions of a schema in a
custom schema 	  guide

..       Editing functions for schema guides

o     Add / rename / modify

o     Version control

o     Pack / unpack / send schema guide

o     Copy schema guide

..       Notes Editor for specifying and commenting a schema guide

o     Context specific comments possible for each reference of an element!

o     Notes on both the definition and the application level

o     Inheritance rules also applicable for notes

o     Multilingual annotation supported

o     Use custom code lists with the schema

o     Notes types expandable

..     Easily migrate a schema guide to a new release of the basic XML schema


Quality Assurance

Generate and Check Test Data

..       Validate XML instances for conformance to an XML schema reference

..       XML schema reference can be either an XML schema, a custom schema,
or a schema 	  guide

..       Error reports

..       Generate a sample XML instance with real sample values

Documentation and Reports (Queries)

..       Reports with ready-made layout definitions

..       Define custom reports and layouts

..       Modify own reports

..       Output reports to screen, printer, PDF printer, RTF format

..       Define and edit layouts in your corporate design

..       Complete documentation (HTML format with links) at the push of a

..       Modify the complete documentation 

..       Publisher Module - Produce complex manuals for publication on the
web or on CD- 	  ROM in HTML format, including automatically generated,
user-definable links


Gap Analysis and Planning

The Mapping Planner is especially useful wherever the processes of planning
data mapping and technically implementing it in an EDI system are
structurally or organizationally separate, or wherever mapping needs to be

..       Map two fields using a keyword (thesaurus mapping)

..       Mapping Model-to-Schema

..       Mapping Schema-to-Schema

..       A specialized, extendable mapping report is included to document the
relationships between two B2B data formats:

o     Model/Schema

o     Schema/Schema


Sylvia Webb 
310-370-3410 - Voice
310-370-5614 - Fax 
www.gefeg.com <http://www.gefeg.com/>  -  Internet 

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