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RE: Multilingual schemas?

From: vze3y7w8 <boris.kortiak@verizon.net>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 10:03:33 -0500
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Did you ever receive a response to this request?

I have a similar situation.  I am developing an xml document of familial
relationships.  The individuals involved are in at least five countries,
using at least two different alphabets.  I have developed tables of
information that have been nationalized, but cannot figure out how to
get the data from the tables into the XSLT representation depending upon
the language of the viewer.

Any links you have run across in you polyglot searches and studies would
be helpful.


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> Subject: Q: Multilingual schemas?
> Hi all,
> I am tackling an XSD related problem and thought I
> might dare to approach the list with a question
> since general Web search and browsing of the list did
> not yield anything helpful ...
> To be precise, I am writing an XML Schema Definition
> which amongst others contains statements such as
> <xsd:enumeration value="error message">
> When I now for example wnat to generate a GUI from a
> schema like this, I end up with the question
> How can I for example provide a German version along
> the lines of
> <xsd:enumeration value="Fehlermeldung">
> Would sth. like
> <xsd:enumeration xml:lang="en" value="error message">
> <xsd:enumeration xml:lang="de" value="Fehlermeldung">
> be the right approach (I already heard some arguments
> along the lines of 'don't mix languages' against it)?
> Any hints, ideas, or recommendations?
> Thanks in advance,
> Christian Lieske
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