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Possible error and clarification

From: Justus Neuser <jneuser@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 20:39:57 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <20011205013953.60151.qmail@web12105.mail.yahoo.com>
To: www-xml-linking-comments@w3.org
Hi everyone,

I'm referring to section 5.15 (Locating Linkbases) in
the XLink REC.
In the last box (right before section 5.2) the
xlink:href attribute of the 
startrsrc-element has the following value:
"spec.xml#string-range(//*,'Click here to reveal
but I think the correct value should be:
"spec.xml#xpointer(string-range(//*,'Click here to
reveal annotations.'))"
This is a function call-expression which can - if I
understand the XPointer CR 
correctly - only be used with the full XPointer form
as otherwise it would be 
ambiguous (i.e. misunderstood as a bare name form
referring to an ID-attribute).
Furthermore I would like to have some clarifications
on linkbases:
a) Can a linkbase as an XML document also contain
other elements besides 
extended-type elements? I assume yes, because in the
REC it says "the 
application should access the linkbase and extract any
extended links found 
inside it" which implicitly seems to confirms that.
b) Can a linkbase also contain more than one linkbase
arc? Here I assume no, 
because in the REC it says "Linkbases may be chained
by virtue of serving as 
the starting resource of yet another linkbase arc.". 
That presumably means that 
only linkbase chaining but no forking (i.e. a linkbase
serving as the starting 
resource for two or more linkbase arcs creating more
than one linkbase chain) is allowed.
c) I'm experimenting with markup that integrates
linkbases  and XInclude. What I 
want to do is to xinclude a fragment of a linkbase
(such as an arc). I suppose the 
first thing I have to do is to load the linkbase
preferably at the beginning of my XInclude-document so
that all extended links get extracted and then refer
to the linkbase fragment with the 
href-attribute of XInclude. As XInclude works on the
Infoset level a new element 
information item (such as one for the arc) will be
added to my document and an 
XLink/XInclude implementation would then show/embed
the relevant content. In 
this case the starting resource of the linkbase arc
would be the XInclude 
document itself (see also my question on this below).
Is that correct?
d) I find the following paragraph of the REC a bit
confusing: "Specifically, on 
loading a linkbase arc, an XLink application should
keep track of what the 
starting resource is. Whenever a document containing
that starting resource is 
loaded and traversal of the linkbase arc is actuated,
the application should 
access the linkbase and extract any extended links
found inside it. In the case 
that the extracted resource is a portion of a complete
XML document, such as a 
range or a string range, only those extended links
completely contained in the 
extracted portion should be made available."
- Where is the linkbase arc normally found? Can it be
contained in the starting 
resource because then it would mean the XLink
processor would simultaneously 
load the linkbase and the starting resource (with
- What is meant by 'extracted resource'? I suppose the
starting resource. But if 
the linkbase arc is contained in the starting resource
then it would also be an 
'extracting resource'. Maybe other terms should be
used here in order to make it clearer.
Thanx a lot for any comments on these points.

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