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Closed Recommendation issue 9: Table 3 confusing

Counter intuitive requirement

Issue 451 closed

Issue 453 closed

Issue 454 closed

Issue 455 closed (again): Representation header and SOAP processing model

Issue 455 closed: Representation header and SOAP processing model

Issue 457 closed

Issue 460 closed

Issue 461 closed

Issue 463 closed

new issue against 1.2: serializable range of characters in Infosets

New Issue: Infosets and XML Serialization

Optimising attribute content, data:, and issue 452

Possible new protocols issue/erratum: characters in Infoset & version of Infoset

Resolution of issue 449

Resolution of issue 8rec

Resolution of XML Protocol Recommendation Feedback - 11rec

Round 5- 20040323 - SOAP v1.2(c) Test Collection

SOAP 1.2 translations page requires authorization

spelling error or new term?

XMLP Issue 450 resolution

XMLP Issue 452 closed

XMLP Issue 462 closed

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