Re: Inclusions and other gotchas (was:Re: inclusion)

"Paul W. Abrahams" wrote:

> [T]hough we may be able to say
> definitively that two URI refer to the same thing, we can never say
> definitively that they refer to different things unless we compare the
> resources themselves.

Even that does not suffice.  There is simply no way based on URIs(*) alone
to tell if two URIs refer to the same thing or not.  You can only
draw that conclusion from some authoritative source of meta-information.

Concretely, if you access two URIs and get the same entity body, that proves
nothing; they might be only coincidentally the same.  If you access two
URIs and get different entity bodies, that proves nothing: they might be
the same time-varying resource.

(*) I think the plural of "URI" is "URIs" despite 2396, just as I think
the plural of "euro" is "euros".


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