Re: the case of two bats

Dan Connolly wrote:

> [T]he XPath implementations that I can find
> behave as though the XPath namespace-uri() function should
> return the namespace name per the namespace spec, rather
> than actually conforming to the XPath spec.

According to James Clark, this is true of all known implementations of XPath.

> The only answer that I can see that's consistent with
> both the XPath implementations and Web Architecture is: "don't do that."

Well and good.  But what is to be done with existing documents?  Declare
them crude and mean?  ("For Art stopped short/In the cultivated court/
Of the Empress Jo-o-sephine....")

Even people who agree that straight URI interpretation ("absolutize") would
have been the way to go back in 1998 may believe (and some do) that
it's simply too late.

> "[...] Authors are cautioned not to create such
> documents,"

Too late now.


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