Re: namespace proposal

At 07:34 PM 12/8/98 -0800, Charles Kung wrote:
>"In this example, there are three occurrences of the name
>title within markup, and the name alone clearly provides
>insufficient information to allow correct processing by a
>software module."
>however, the name title is part a unique path
>and most software modules can determine the correct
>title from a path. e.g.  /section/title/, /signing/author/title,
>etc.  isn't there an inherent namespace derived from the
>structure of the document.

Yes, but I don't think software should have to take care of
keeping track of all the possible context information in order
to recognize the tags that it is responsible for.  The namespace
machinery allows such recognition unambiguously and in a
context-independent manner, which seems easier to me.  In 
the environment where you have tags coming from multiple
sources, the recognition problem is even uglier and the namespace
syntax makes it go away. -Tim

Received on Tuesday, 8 December 1998 22:43:35 UTC