namespace proposal


you describe the insufficiency of the traditional
namespace with an example in appendix A.1.
you state further that

"In this example, there are three occurrences of the name
title within markup, and the name alone clearly provides
insufficient information to allow correct processing by a
software module."

however, the name title is part a unique path
and most software modules can determine the correct
title from a path. e.g.  /section/title/, /signing/author/title,
etc.  isn't there an inherent namespace derived from the
structure of the document.

can you give me a better example that justifies the
additional complexity of namespaces. the benefit of XML is
simplicity which seems to be disappearing under the
auspices of the w3.

-chuck kung

Received on Tuesday, 8 December 1998 22:34:37 UTC