Re: More inter samples

I can process all of these examples except the DH ones,
which all fail. I'm still investigating this.

Jiandong, you said that you could process my old DH
samples; does this hold true for the updated set?

Joseph, there's another set of interop samples at

You can put us down for Y across the board, with the
caveat that there appears to be a DH interop issue
and I'm not sure how much NFC impacts me.

There are two decryption transforms samples in the
referenced set; when we nail down our language I'll
produce a couple more.

Thanks, Merlin

>On Tuesday 05 March 2002 17:57, Jiandong Guo wrote:
>> Attached is a revised version of the samples sent before. I mainly
>> update the Diffie-Hellman examples to accommodate the newest changes in
>> the specification.
>Thank you! I've linked this from [1]. Would you mind sending a report then? 
>(Yes and No down the column)? For most of the application and processing 
>features, there's no interop, but self-reporting. But we could do interop 
>on bits of the spec other than the crypto:
>1. We could interop testing on the encoding requirements. (Have a document 
>in an exotic encoding with an encrypted element which is obviously in 
>2. The Decryption Transform.
>And of course, I want to make sure performance is acceptable, but I don't 
>have a metric. What scenarios are folks looking at, 3 encryptions in a 1Meg 
>Joseph Reagle Jr.       
>W3C Policy Analyst      
>IETF/W3C XML-Signature Co-Chair
>W3C XML Encryption Chair

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